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"Avre menkan sano menath, kilangili kalano"

WARNING: This directory of Sourashtras in North America, e-mail directory and the matrimonial info are provided on the Internet for reference purposes only. These pages should not be used for solicitation of any sort. Hence, these pages are password protected to restrict access to Sourashtras only. No need to register or get your usename and password.

The user name is "palkar"
The password is a sourashtra word for your little finger (pinkie)
(Ivar kalano menath, uncho savo)

If you like to add your name and info to the Sourashtra Directory (This is not Matrimonial, it is only for Sourashtras living in US or Canada) or if You want to modify your existing address/other information, Please go to Sourashtra Directory and log on with the general username and password.

If you have any problems accessing the directory, please contact me at